Your Seminar at Sternschnuppe
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Haus Sternschnuppe
Dorfstrasse 1
25557 Oldenb├╝ttel

Seminars & Workshops

Be witchy

For a current list of seminars and workshops, check out the Calendar. For more details, see the section on Mystery School.

Endless possibilities while the Wheel turns:

Creative Projects - like felting - working with clay - "stich & bitch" - and more

Music and rhythm - our constant guests, like poetry

Philosophy - theater elements are always welcome

Explore how to feel great - cuddle cows

Spirituality - working in the Reclaiming-Tradition

What if there is no seminar or workshop?

If you'd like some adrenaline - visit the highwiregarden and see Hademarschen from the top of the trees!

Have a rest after a busy day or just a rest... "Let your soul dangle a while" - go on a walk or ride a bike in beautiful surroundings.

Go on a day-trip and visit the North or Baltic Sea (only 50 km away) or see Friedrichstadt.  The possibilities are endless...