Welcome to the Retreat House Sternschnuppe

Sternschnuppe 2015

Falling stars - shooting stars

Do you remember the last time you saw a falling star?

Inspiring and amazing!

Can you see its reflection in your heart?

That beauty and brilliance is yours now

and it shines through you!

Falling stars inspire a special wonder of nature!

They delight our senses each year and every falling star is unique and unmistakable.

Did your grandparents ever tell you

"Make a wish as soon as you see a falling star!"?

Are you still watching the sky like a child to find one?

May Sternschnuppe be a place of growth, a place of respectfull meetings, of blending inspirations, and of learning creatively and constructively while remaining open and tolerant.

We strive to create an atmosphere that honors our diversity and holds space for individual empowerment.  We ask the Muse to kiss our communications.

The house is far from city noise, with no TV, radio or chaos.

This is a place where ships swim on fields and cows cuddle (without being purple!);

A place that supports our inner child (knowing that we are grown children) to talk to and be with the faeries like Peter Pan!

Curios? Feel free to explore this site for more information and welcome to Sternschnuppe!

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