Cassandra 2

Cassandra (civil name Belinda Baacke) has one huge passion which Douglas Adams stated as "Life, the Universe and the whole rest".

She loves philosophy and all thoughts about liberation. Art in different forms influences her personal progress. Language and communication with humans, animals, plants, and Psychohygiene with herself, support her self reflections and growth.

After countless years in academia and still yearing to learn, the Reclaiming tradition came into her life! Finally, she "re-membered" herself and Sternschuppe 2010 blossomed from that healing!

She found her home in the earth-based spirituality of Reclaiming and her personal practice, which is highly influenced by T. Thorn Coyle.  She calls this practice MAGIC!

Cassandra is a North-German Witch who just started to build a home for craft-gatherings of all colours. She loves to share her love for magic and the longing of the heart to be aware and open. Cassandra feels honored to be part of the growing European Reclaiming community. She absolutely believes that awareness of self and observation of natural cycles supports the work beyond words. Most of her magical work is devoted to the Faeries or guided by that connection. As laughter – laughing – are such great tools, she loves the way kids work magic with joy and fun and openness.  She delights in working with those tools with adults to reclaim that joy.  Personal practice, devotion and an open heart are all useful tools that each witch has in all the worlds.