Misty - or snowy - outline

Winter 2010

Like all visions

the protective layers needed to be lifted!

Some layers are gone but they left behind my first ideas!

Meanwhile a couple of years ago...

It must have a been a time with witches and wizards -

this search, this quest, took over me.

I was looking for a place; somewhere very special.  Right here...

This place is rich in fine arts, philosophy and ethics!

This place responds to the respect and honor 

given to mother nature!

It is a meeting space for people who mutually respect each other and honor open-hearted diversity;

People who like community and the challenges of it;

People who bring their creativity and inspiration to life!

Personally, I have 1001 ideas but not enough physical or financial resources to do it all.

My vision is about community.  I absolutely welcome every helping hand.  I can offer a great athmosphere, good food or a place at one of my workshops (especially my own.)

I am planning to build a library of sorts as well as a studio for creating art, and a place for the firewood. Maybe some of our musicans will speak up and share some of their needs.  (See, I really have 1001 Ideas!)