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Haus Sternschnuppe
Dorfstrasse 1
25557 Oldenb├╝ttel

Mystery School

Mystery School is an integral part of Sternschnuppe and together they constantly grow and transform.

School is a term strongly connected to certificates and studies, the spiritual equivalent of which is often initiation. But this school is far more fantastic and reaches far beyond attaining certificates. The spirit of my school is to learn; to help you learn about yourself, your very unique powers and gifts; to focus on cooperation and the ability to work as a team; to experience the joy of gathering further knowledge of the world, yourself and so much more!  So, if you are here to seek certificates of any kind, I'm sorry but your search continues.

Mysteries are peculiar.  They either open up or they don`t. There is no guarantee that our workshops will open up the mysteries for you.  We all must walk our own path and when we are fortunate, perhaps we get a glimpse of the ineffable.

Sternschnuppe endeavors to support personal paths and offers a wide variety of different magical approaches for this reason. Like nature, we are all different and unique and must each find our own path.

Art and Poetry - Music and Theater - Creativity

These are precious parts of a living spirituality.  Don´t be afraid, though!  Not everyone needs to step in the spotlight or stand on the stage. A nicely decorated table or a flowerbed are examples of art and an expression of your very own spirituality!

Sternschnuppe and Mystery School have long been Cassandra's dream, which arises from her connection with nature, its cyles and her own spiritual practice. This dream is supported by the world views that if you share happiness, it will increase, and that knowledge can´t be locked away somewhere. (Just a side note.)

Sternschnuppe calls to those who are open to hearing the inner teachings, to taking their place in the web of life for the stars - the land - other humans - their own work, and who are willing to connect with their "godself".

Life brings transformation with each breath! Growth and change guide us. Just as life has changed, Cassandra's work has transformed over the last few years and will transform again in the future. Her experience comes from years of spiritual practice, and a wide variety of eclectic studies supports all of her workshops.

Sternschnuppe Mystery School offers many perspectives to discover, walk with and deepen in your own way.