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Inanna - Samhain-Camp
24.10.2015 - 31.10.2015


Taking up the thread from Merlin-Camp 2014, we invite you to join us in further community as well as apprentice adventures.

Our camp will hold space to discover your skills, to practise, to learn and grow, to listen, to drum, to be still and take action. We will offer a wide variety of teachings around ritual-arts and Reclaiming-Magic.

Prerequiste: Elements of Magic

Willow Kelly and Cassandra will facilitated this samhain-camp.
(Feel free to click on the left side or under Mystery School for further informations .)


The tuition fee covers the whole week, including accommodatian in shared rooms and full board.

Regular fee: 695 €.
Early bird discount: 630 €

Please transfer the fee as soon as possible so we can cover the first camp expenses - like flight-costs.

The early bird discount is valid until Brigid (February 2nd 2015).
Take a friend to camp and find the early bird out till Beltane 2015.

Because our camp spaces are limited, spaces will be allocated by order of payment.

Ask for the registration-form to find refund policy and bankdetails. Use contact-box below the story.



Inanna goes to the Underworld


Inanna was a powerful Goddess, the Queen of Heaven. She reigned in ancient Sumeria, the land that today we call Iraq. She was the morning star and the evening star, the daughter of the rain, the life of the land.


One day as she was walking out on the green fields, she heard a call from the land below, the land of the dead. Inanna was a curious Goddess and she made up her mind to explore that land, where her sister, Ereshkigal, ruled.

She called her best friend and helper Ninshubur.“I am going to explore the land below“, she said to Ninshubur. „It´s dangerous, I know. Watch for me, and if I don´t return, send help.“ Ninshubur promised that she would watch for Inanna.

Gathering all her courage, Inanna set out on the dark road that led to the land below, the land of the dead. She walked and walked. Down and down she went.

She came to the gate to the land of the dead. The Guardian of the Gate spoke to her.

„What do you want?“ he asked.

„I want to visit the land of the dead,“ she said.

„You can´t come in here.“

„But I am very powerful! I am the Queen of Heaven, and I can do whatever I want!“

„Not down here you can´t“, the Guardian said. „But if you really want to enter this land, you must remove your crown.“

Inanna took off her crown and entered through the gate. She walked and walked and walked. Down and down she went.

She came to a second gate. The Guardian of the Gate spoke to  her.

„What do you want?“ he asked.

„I want to visit the land of the dead.“

„You can´t come in here!“

„But I am very powerful! I am the Queen of Heaven, and I can do whatever I want.“

„Not down here you can´t“, the Guardian said. „But if you really want to enter this land, you must remove your necklace of precious stones.“

Inanna took off her necklace and entered through the gate. She walked and walked and walked. She came to another gate, and another, and another, until she passed through seven gates in all. At each one she took off some of her jewels or clothing, until she wore nothing at all and passed through the last gate naked.

Beyond the seventh gate lay the heart of the land of the dead. The great Queen Ereshkigal, Inanna´s sister, sat on her throne, and all the spirits of those who died passed before her.

Inanna greeted her sister.

„Why have you come here, my sister?“ Ereshkigal asked. „Now you can never return to the land above.“

„But I am a very powerful Goddess,“ Inanna said. „I can go where I want and do what I want.“

„Not here you can´t“, Ereshkigal said.“I am more powerful than you. I am death, and everyone must come to me in the end. Now you must stay here.“

And Inanna felt her power leaving her. She felt weaker and weaker, as if her very blood was draining from her veins. She heard a roaring in her ears, and then she could see and hear nothing at all. Her muscles would no longer hold her up, and her life-force leaked away until she was nothing but an old rag of skin and bones. The servants of Ereshkigal hung her on the gate, and there she stayed.


 In the lands above, people noticed that Inanna was no longer with them. They cried and mourned for her, and they began to feel afraid. Without her life-giving  power, the crops died, and new seeds would not grow. Animals stopped having babies, and the people went hungry.

Inanna´s friend Ninshubur had watched and waited for her faithfully. When she did not return, Ninshubur became very worried. She went to Inanna´s father, Enki, the God of water.

„You must send help to your daughter,“ Ninshubur said. „She has gone to explore the land below, to visit her sister Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Dead. I´m afraid something terrible has happened to her.“

„Why did she do that?“ Enki said. „Doesn´t she know that nobody returns from that land?“

„She is a very powerful Goddess.“

„But her sister is more powerful,“ Enki said. „Still, I will send help to her if I can find creatures who will travel to that land with the food of life and the water of life.“

He sent two flies to find the land below, to carry the food of life and the water of life. Buzzing away, they entered the great hall where Ereshkigal sat on her throne. She had a terrible pain in her belly and was moaning.

„Oh, oh, my stomach hurts so bad!“ she cried.

„Oh, oh, your poor belly!“ the flies cried. „We feel so sorry for you.“

Ereshkigal looked up in surprise. Not many people felt sympathy for the Queen of the Dead.

„Oh, oh, I hurt inside!“ she cried.

„Oh, oh, your poor insides!“ they buzzed back.

„Oh, oh, I hurt outside!“ she cried.

„Oh, oh, your poor outside!“ the flies cried with her.

Ereshkigal was not used to anyone caring about her. Most beings were simply afraid of her. She looked at the flies with tears of gratitude in her eyes.

„Little flies, you are so kind,“ she said. „Nobody else cares about me like you do. Name what you want. Anything in my realm is yours.“

Ereshkigal ruled all the things that come from below the earth, precious stones and metals and many hidden treasures, so she was making quite a generous offer.

„No, no, we couldn´t take anything of yours,“ the flies protested.

„Please, go ahead, I want you to.“

„Oh, no, really, you ´re too kind.“

„Choose something. Do.“

„Well, if you insist,“ the flies said. We´ll just take that old rag hanging on your gate.“

„That old thing?“ Ereshkigal asked in surprise. „I offer you all my treasures, and that is all you ask for?“

„It´s the thought that counts,“ the flies said, and they flew to the rag that was all that was left of Inanna, and put a few crumbs of the food of life in her mouth and a few drops of the water of life on her tongue. Inanna came back to life, and without wasting any time, they all ran back to the world above as fast as they could go. Inanna stopped only to retrieve her jewels and  clothes and crown.


Ereshkigal was furious when she found that she´d been tricked. She sent the demons of the land below chasing after them. Faster and faster they ran, but Inanna and the flies were just a bit faster. Breathless, they reached the surface of the green earth. They could hear Ereshkigal´s voice thundering behind them.

„You have cheated me!“ she raged. „But you can´t cheat me forever! Unless you want to die again, you must send a substitute for your life down to me in the land below.“

Inanna´s friend Ninshubur came to greet her, and they hugged and kissed and laughed. Ninshubur told Inanna how she had gone to Enki to plead for the Goddess´life. Inanna could see how worried Ninshubur had been. She was thin from not eating, and her clothes were in rags.

„I can´t send my faithful friend down below,“ Inanna said to herself. „She saved my life.“

Inanna wandered through her land, and all over she saw how the people had mourned her. Great kings and queens, merchants and pottery makers and goldsmiths and farmers – all were dressed in rags, thin from fasting, their faces streaked with tears.

„I can´t send my faithful subjects down below,“ Inanna murmured.

She walked on until she came to her own home. There was her husband, Dumuzi. Was he crying for her? Was he wearing rags and mourning?

No. He was dressed in his finest clothes, feasting and sitting on Inanna´s own throne.

She was furious. „Take him!“ she said to the demons of the underworld, and they rushed toward Dumuzi. He ran away as fast as he could go.

He ran to his friend in the city. „Hide me!“ he pleaded, but his friend was too scared. So Dumuzi ran on, to the country-side, where his mother and his sister hid him in the reeds that grew by the river.

But the demons of the underworld were not easily fooled. They could smell like bloodhounds, and they sniffed Dumuzi out. His sister, Geshtinanna, ran and held him.

„Don´t take him,“ she begged. „Take me instead!“

She cried so hard that the demons felt sorry for her. They were impressed by her courage and unselfishness.

„We will allow you to share the life below with him,“ they said. „Half the year you will live in the land below, and he will stay above on the green earth. And half the year he will dwell in the land of the dead, and you will return to the living.“

And so they did. For Dumuzi is the spirit of the grain, which lives under the ground as a seed half the year and then sprouts and grows in the open air. And Geshtinanna is the spirit of the grape, which grows in the open air and then is pressed into wine and sent down to the cool storehouse under the earth. And so life and growth were restored to the earth again.

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