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Brigid Sonne
mit Cassandra
Priestess Council
Ihr Seminar in der Sternschnuppe
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13th Fairie
20.03.2015 - 22.03.2015

13th Fairie

Maybaum’s wings were her very first problem. When most Faeries are born into the realm of Fey, their wings are wispy things, barely-visible shimmerings of iridescence that wrap round their shoulders like swaddling. So it was perplexing for Maybaum’s parents when their wee one arrived with fully-formed wings like those of a bat – black, leathery, distinct in their sound and strength. – Excerpt from The 13th Faery by LB Fortune (Fortuna)

Different. Powerful. And a little too scary to be ‘invited to the party’ by the rest of the tribe: that is the pain of the 13th Fairy. Often there are two choices: move to the lonely edge of the realm of Fey. Or try, painfully, to keep that tremendous power small, compact, unthreatening.

“We are totally vulnerable until we face our own scariness.”
- Reclaiming Priestess Cassandra

And yet this huge power – this scariness - must be seen, acknowledged, and owned. The world needs each of us to be right-sized, responsible, with a clear understanding of what our power and beauty brings. Like Maybaum, we may have made unwitting mistakes and miscalculations before we had the strength to wield our wings wisely. Now we can understand what in us is frightening, seeing and acknowledging the glory of our own unique magick, understanding our own contribution.

Let’s love our strange powers. Let’s look into the Deep Below. Let’s practice radical self-love!

Let’s take of the layers that have hidden our beautiful and frightening power. Let’s learn how to manage the fear of the Tribe – our fear of them, their fear of us. Let’s talk about what we find frightening in each other. And let’s do it as Beltane approaches – the opposite pole of Samhain. At Beltane, the veil between the Worlds is thin, allowing us to visit our ancestors, asking for their guidance, love and aid as we take off on our powerful wings!

The 13th Faery: Claiming the Power of the Outsider is a weekend intensive with a focus on meeting our shadow and making art! Every afternoon will include 90 minutes of juicy, healing, (fun) art-making/creativity in sacred space. This is time to make whatever you make – music, poetry, dance, song, cookies, journaling, painting, altar-making/offering, novels, socks, masks – around your own ‘outsider’ status, in honour of your own scary power! And if you’ve had a ‘special project’ that has needed some outrageous power, some permission, and some group magick to get it started – now is the time!

Divination is an important aspect of the work we will do. This is a great workshop if you’ve been wanting to really use, or deepen your use of, a divination tool – Tarot, runes, ogham, I ching, or whatever you are working with (or making).

This is a mid-to-advanced level workshop in the Reclaiming Tradition – expect to chant, trance, and dance, to take part in rituals, to journal, to practice magickal skills, and strengthen community.
It is recommended that you have taken the basic Reclaiming ‘Elements of Magic’ workshop before attending

Language: English

€250 before 1 January 2015; €270 to €330 sliding scale thereafter. €100 deposit to hold space.
Use the contact below and Cassandra will send you a registration form.

This workshop is drug and alcohol free.

About the Teachers:

Cassandra is a dreamer, seeker and net-weaving witch. As nature constantly transforms – our lives transform. Being aware of transformation is supportive and nourishing to each witches work and path. As one of her dreams always has been a place to gather, share, experience and honor our diversity, she founded Sternschnuppe Mystery School. Cassandra feels blessed to have the opportunity to help build community and to support witches stepping into leadership. She is passionate about the idea of balanced power and devotional magic. She is excited to share her knowledge and experience with magick workers willing to know themselves and take responsibility for balanced power within and without. Cassandra has taught Reclaiming for over a decade, has been a student of Reclaiming and other traditions even longer, is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Trainer for Tibetan Meditation, Mediator and a few things more.


Fortuna is an American witch who has been living in the Netherlands since 2003. Her ‘magickal dna’ includes a stubborn streak of mysticism that the suburbs of Los Angeles, where she was born, just could not dilute. A lifelong seeker in various magickal and mystical traditions, Fortuna is an initiate of the Anderson Feri Tradition. A student of T. Thorn Coyle since 2005, Fortuna holds blue and white cords in Morningstar Mystery School (MStar), and has acted as a Mentor for the School. She has had the extraordinary luck of teaching and priestessing Reclaiming-style witchcraft at workshops and Witchcamps in Europe and the UK since 2007. She works one-on-one and in groups to help magickal people of every type – witch and shaman, cunning person and magician – in their development. As a lifelong student, she continues to develop her own magickal knowledge with teachers from various streams, to work as a divinatrix and Tarot counselor, and to create poetry, chants, and art to honour God in all Hir faces.

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