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Brigid Sonne
mit Cassandra
Priestess Council
Ihr Seminar in der Sternschnuppe
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Haus Sternschnuppe
Dorfstrasse 1
25557 Oldenbüttel
Tel: 04872-967784
Newsletter Abo

14.10.2017 - 21.10.2017


Come join this magical, collective hero’s journey in which we begin to write the story of our future together

For Samhain 2017, we celebrate our mature community of accomplished workers – and we invite you to join us in making our collective magic more effective, profound and present in the world.

Do you have the courage to join us in a grand experiment in the laboratory of a Reclaiming Witchcamp? One in which our magical work is based not on existing lore, myth and story, but on a story and a future we craft together in community? One in which we determine the arc, rituals and magical mentorship we manifest? Then join us for a week between the worlds, writing a new story for the future…

Once upon a time - but it was our time – more and more people woke to the pain of the earth and the pain of disconnection from the web of life. They not only longed for a new way of being, they somehow knew it was possible. And, they knew they couldn’t do it alone. Greed and hate sprung from the well of disconnection and threatened to ruin the balance of life in its glorious and terrible cycles. Justice of all kinds hung in the balance.

Environmental, social, racial, gender, economic, justices were equally growing while being challenged in new unimaginable ways. The world teetered on the brink of utter chaos.
The people heard the call to gather and live a new story, to move away from the lies and life-threatening illusions gushing from the well of disconnection.

…Imagine a community of witches coming together between the worlds to imagine a new story, and to step bravely into the struggle as we undertake the collective hero’s journey that transforms our world…

What to expect:

We begin by making agreements, including commitments to offer compassionate feedback, cultivate empathy in our actions and language, and relentlessly support each other in our risk-taking and authenticity.

After we set the foundation, a typical day, set in a restorative model with lots of breaks, might look like this:
Personal practice sharing; Ritual feedback, discussion and planning; Mentorship for ritual roles including things like music, trance, energy-raising; and more Evening ritual

We will work deeply together as part of a team, understanding the value of our individual strengths and the impact and necessity of our contributions to the whole. We will connect with the gods of the land - Frey and Freya. As one day we will become ancestors, we will ask for the support of our ancestors and decendants. We will connect with many Reclaiming camps writing new stories for our future, for our lives.



The tuition fee covers the whole week, including accommodatian in shared rooms and full board.

Regular fee: 675 - 750€.
Early bird discount: 630 €

Please transfer the fee as soon as possible so we can cover the first camp expenses - like flight-costs.

The early bird discount is valid until Brigid 2017

Because our camp spaces are limited, spaces will be allocated by order of payment.

Ask for the registration-form to find refund policy and bankdetails. Use contact-box below.




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