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Brigid Sonne
mit Cassandra
Priestess Council
Ihr Seminar in der Sternschnuppe
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Haus Sternschnuppe
Dorfstrasse 1
25557 Oldenbüttel
Tel: 04872-967784
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The Snow Queen
03.01.2017 - 08.01.2017

Snow Queen

We are going on a journey to the end of the world - into the darkness, into the land of perpetual snow and ice, the place where the sun never rises. Join us in our journey to the lands of the Snow Queen, where we will search for our shadows and demons. We want to guide them towards the light, want to transform them into allies who support our unique power and expression.

Do you dare to seek them out – to make this journey? A journey full of challenges - which open us to the possibility of really getting to know the allies who guide and protect us, who lend their wise advice and help us find our magical powers. We will meet not just shadows but also our plant and Faery allies, our power animals, and “Räubertöchter”. As shamans we connect with our personal allies; and the green bloods of Sternschnuppe will never let us walk alone.

Treading this transformational path needs courage and will as well as desire and trust.
So join our circle of love and trust. Let us walk together as mutual magical support.
Dare to meet the Snow Queen!
Discover skills and powers that have been shivering in the cold and unseen parts of your soul, and become the great magical being you are!

This Camp will be restorative as well as re-empowering. You can expect yoga exercises to loosen blockages and get our energy flowing and balanced and help us stand tall and step boldly forward; meditation to keep us centred; art to make our transformation visible; divination to help clarify our journey; and song to attract our allies and lift our souls. Plus we have a chance to hang out around a winter fire in each other’s company!

Fortuna, Darshani and Cassandra will facilitate the magical journey.

Recommend tuition:
Sliding scale

Early Bird: 400 Euro minimum, whatever you’d like to pay above that (Early Bird till October 15th 2016)

After 15 October: Sliding scale starts at 550 Euro minimum, and whatever you are inspired to pay above and beyond that.

For payment information, and to book your place use the contact form below


Artwork: 'Let it Snow' by Depingo on Deviantart.com

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